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Leslie Cuff Bangles

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Leslie's Sterling Silver and Gold-tone Bangle
Leslie Sterling Silver Polished Twisted Bangle
Sterling Silver Radiant Essence Cuff Bangle
Silver Gold-plated Polished Twisted Bangle
Silver Rose Gold-plated Polished Twisted Bangle
Leslie's Silver Polished and Textured Bangle
Sterling Silver Rhodium-plated Textured Bangle
Sterling Silver Polished Satin Flexible Bangle
Silver Rose and Gold-tone Polished Bangle
Silver Gold-plated Polished Adjustable Bangle
Silver Rose Gold Polished Adjustable Bangle
Silver Rhodium Radiant Essence Satin Bangle
Leslie's Silver Rhodium Textured Cuff Bangle
Silver Flexible Dangle Chain Slip-On Bangle
Sterling Silver Polished Adjustable Bangle
Sterling Silver Rose Gold-plated Flexible Cuff

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